Friday, 12 December 2008

Mount Everton

13. We would like to copy the map of Liverpool
14. We would like to turn the map of Everton into a Mountain board game similar to a game called 'Everest' which we played as a boy with my family.
15. We will try and get the board game from my parents if they still have it..
16. The new game will have Institute in Everton at the top of the Liverpool Mountain.
17. We want to dress up as a mouse and climb the stairs with clogs on.
18. Sounds like we have a lot of material. Do we need to map it out?
19. A series of cultural events during 2004-9 is planned, peaking in 2008
20. Everest is 8,848 meters Above sea level
21. EVERTON is built across a ridge of hills rising up to a height of around 230 feet (70 metres) above sea-level at Everton Hill.

Thoughts on condors

The name Everton is derived from the Saxon word eofor which meant "wild boar that lived in forests".[1]Barker and Dobson, a local sweet manufacturer, introduced "Everton Mints" to honour Everton football club."Scousers", in reference to the local meal known as 'scouse', a form of stew.

TRIVIA for the board game and a place to drink.
Alois Hitler, Jr. the half-brother of Adolf Hitler lived in the city, was married, and had a child. There is a rumour that Adolf visited Liverpool in 1911, before the outbreak of World War I, and that he drank in the Poste House pub on Cumberland Street.[21][22] Other famous people include Prince Philip, Jack the Ripper, Debbie Harry, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Charles Dickens,

MORE images of Everton.and the army CONDOR patrol + giving sweets to the local kids.
The pic of the water tower was taken during the build of those new red brick houses which i photographed.
The British claimed in 1856 that the summit of the Mount Everest was 8,848 meters in height. Various official and independent surveys since have consistently shown that Everest is not as high as had been thought, pointing, perhaps, to evidence of global warming, or a shift in the tectonic plates, though its cause still remains unproven.

Thoughts on climbing

Climbers need to obtain an expensive permit, costing up to US$25,000 per person.[4] Everest has claimed 210 lives, including eight who perished during a 1996 storm high on the mountain. Conditions are so difficult in the death zone that most corpses have been left where they fell, some of which are visible from standard climbing routes.[5]Edmond Hilary and Sherpa Tensing managed after great effort to conquer the worlds highest mountain at 29,028, the mighty Everest or Chuomo-Lungma,as the Tibetans call it(mother goddess of the world).Sir John Hunt leader of the expedition, established eight camps and Edmond Hilary later Sir with the trusty Sherpa reached the Summit on May 29th 1953 after nine failed attepts by other climbers most famously the illfated Mallory- Watson expedition of 1924. The Union Jack the Tibetan Flag and the Flag of the United Nations, were placed on the Summit. The news of this great achievement was held back to coincide with the Coronation so people had two important milestones to celebrate.


12pm Prepare for the ascent / announce our intention
1pm Climb the stairs 368 times – one up – one down
2pm Make some tea / coffee / condensed milk
3pm Play top trumps / cards / I-Spy / games
4pm Play guitar by the fire / making toffee
5pm Dress up as a mouse with clogs on / mousetrap / cheese
6pm Plant flag / snow machine / speeches
7pm Making / writing / sending postcards
8pm Avalanche / disaster / ping pong balls
9pm Make our descent – 368 times – together
10pm Paint stairs white
11pm Paint stairs white / shave beard / head
12am Make closing speeches / final image making

List of things to take

mountaineering kit
cooking stove
walkitalkis / baby monitor
sun bloc
a picture of a Condor
space food
video camera
extra team members (two young boys and a baby)
an instrument
full beards.
Condensed milk
Ping pong balls
Union Jack


1. There are 12 steps
2. We would like to return to the Institute on 15 December 2008
3. We would like to inhabit the stairs of the Institute for 12 hours.
4. We would like to do this at a time compatibile with the lifestyle patterns of the Institute e.g. 12pm - 12am
5. We will document our residency of the stairs of the Institute (live and online at the time if possible)
6. By the end of our residency the stairs of the Institute will be transformed by by the event.
7. It is a durational performance with an installation outcome
8. We will have left our mark upon the stairs of the Institute
9. The stairs of the Institute will have made its mark upon us
10. We will be tired and we will have climbed a lot of stairs
11. The public could come and see us in residency on the stairs of the Institute
12. We would like to stay over on 15 December after the durational performance if possible.